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"Mathematics is not just solving for X, it's also figuring out Y."

Arthur Benjamin


Impressing Your Vietnamese Friends with Mental Arithmetic

During my travels I spent a week in Ho Chi Minh City, absolutely loving my time there! One day, after...

Hilbert’s Nullstellensatz

Hilbert’s Nullstellensatz is one of the cornerstones of Algebraic Geometry. Due to its widespread use, many versions of the statement...

How to think about Sylow’s Theorem

If you haven’t come across Sylow’s theorem yet, you’re in for a treat! Should you’ve come across it, you might...

Secret Number Trick # 2

If you thought testing divisibility of a number by 7 was a blast, you won’t believe how easy it is...

Secret Number Trick # 1

Everybody knows how to spot whether a number is divisible by 2, and most people learn how to tell whether...




Thailand: Part 2